ProGuard Anti-Fungal Spray 100ml



A natural product, containing no chemicals or alcohol, that has been independently tested by an Independent Medicines Control Council (now SAHPRA) accredited testing laboratory and proven to eliminate:

Dermatophytes • Yeast • Mold • Fungi • Bacteria

Recommended by dermatologists for a broad spectrum of skin related infections of bacteria, mold and fungal related conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and general itchy skin.

APPLICATIONS: Spray directly to the effected area, rub to ensure full coverage of area and allow to airdry – optional to place a plaster or bandage over the effected area once applied.

NB ensure hands are washed before application to effected area.

To avoid secondary infection from clothing to the skin, wash or soak clothing with Proguard Natura Laundry Concentrate or utilise Proguard Natura Pre-Wash Spray to eliminate bacteria and fungi in the clothing fabric.


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