ProGuard Anti-fungal Nail Solution 5ml




IA natural product, containing no chemicals or alcohol, that has been independently tested by an Independent Medicines Control Council (now SAHPRA) accredited testing laboratory and proven to eliminate:

  • Dermatophytes • Yeast • Mold • Fungi • Bacteria

ONYCHOMYCOSIS (Nail Fungal Infections) are the most common of all nail infections. Toe nails are infected far more then finger nails as blood circulation in the toes is lower than the finger therefore providing less immune protection to prevent infection. Nail fungal infection risk increases as people get older and tends to be higher in diabetics.

Nail fungal infections can cause pain, discomfort, unsightly disfigured nails and when left untreated can result in reduced quality of life.

  • DIRECTIONS FOR USE: At bedtime, apply a coating to the effected nails and under the nail tip. Allow to airdry.
  • Do not apply shortly after bath or shower. Nail must be TOTALLY dry to absorb solution.

To minimize risk of secondary infection from footwear or socks to feet, Podiatrists recommend to spray Proguard Natura Antifungal Foot Spray into footwear and wash socks in Proguard Natura Antifungal/Antibacterial Laundry Concentrate.


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