CryoIQ Starter Kit
CryoIQ Starter Kit
CryoIQ Starter Kit
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CryoIQ Starter Kit

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Carry case containing 1x CryoIQ Tip and 1x 25g nitrous oxide cartridge.

Small. Effective. Easy to use.

Our most popular and easiest to use CryoIQ® device is perfectly fitted for treatment of warts and other common skin lesions. Its unique construction with a built-in non-return valve prevents gas leakage thus giving a maximum use of the gas content. Areas of application are general practice, dermatology, pediatrics, podiatry, aesthetics, veterinary and gynecology/urology.

DERM plus Liquid freezes at -89°C for the most effective treatment. The device comes with a standard, fixed applicator for liquid spray freezing.

The device uses a state-of-the-art cooling technology that does not require handling of potentially dangerous gases and liquids meaning that the gas cartridge is safely replaced when empty.

The device features an ergonomic design where the cooling medium is evenly, accurately and economically distributed by depressing the metering lever.

Features of CryoIQ® DERM plus:

  • Simple pencil type grip for an easy and very accurate application
  • Freezeing temperature
    • Liquid spray freezing, -89°C / -128°F
  • Level of cold generated is adjusted by the rate at which the metering lever is depressed
  • CE marked according to Medical Device IIa


Indications Time (sec)
Acne 4-6
Age pigment 1-2
Basiloma 8-9
Capillar cavernouse angioma 4-5
Cavernous angioma 4-6
Condyloma 8-12
Erythematodes chronicus 3-5
Granuloma anulare 5-6
Hemangiolymphangioma 6-8
Juvenile warts 3-4
Keloids 4-6
Keratosis actinica 5-7
Labium carcinoma 2-5
Lentigo senile 2-3
Lichen ruber papelu 4-6
Lid basaliom 6-10
Lid tumors 6-8
Lentigo maligna 4-5
Mollusca contagiosium 3-5
Naevus pigmentosus 8
Naevus zellnaevus 8
Naevus flammeus 6
Naevo fibroid 8-10
Plantar warts 15-20
Prurigo nodularis 4-6
Sarcomas 8-10
Seborrheic warts 6-8
Senile keratoma 7-8
Soft fibroma 4-5
Solar keratosis 4-5
Spinaliome 8-10
SSM 3-4
Verruca vulgaris 8-10